Discover how to THRIVE after divorce so you never lose connection to yourself again!

Are you a divorced and disoriented woman and want to learn how?
The journey begins in January 2022!
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  • Do you constantly feel in turmoil over the end of your marriage?
  • Are you struggling with what to focus on next to secure a stable future?
  • Do you want to find love after the divorce but unsure where to start?
  • Are you worried that if you do find love, you will lose yourself again?
  • Do you want to take advantage of your free time by working on your growth?
  • Do you want to feel more connected to your friends and family?

Let's break down the Live Your Divorce™ Program and see how it could transform your experience with divorce.

Inside the Live Your Divorce™ Program , we teach you everything you need to create a new life where you feel happy and free using:


What's Covered?

Before You Begin: Getting Down to Grief

Your loss might be the partner you thought you had forever, or the idea of the life you planned to live out, or the loss of your family unit. No matter who chose the divorce, you will likely encounter grief in the process of your divorce.

What you get: know how to maximize healing while minimizing collateral damage. 

Module One: How Did I Get Here?

In this early module, you get space to think about how you got to this point… divorced and ready for what’s ahead. Before you move forward, it’s necessary to look back. I will discuss a new way to understand relationship systems by exploring your past.

What you get: knowing what got you here allows you to begin a clear path forward.

Module Two: Grow and Know Your Me-lationship

In this module, we talk about what differentiation means. You will think about what makes you tick, who you are on a deep level.

What you get: know yourself so well you will NEVER risk losing that connection to yourself again. 

Module Three: All About the Boundaries, Baby!

You will learn what boundaries are and why you need them. Especially in divorce. You will understand how boundaries or lack thereof come from lived experiences, including your family of origin. You will learn examples of boundaries and the common mistakes people make when implementing boundaries. 

What you get: a clear understanding of how to manage your boundaries in divorce.

Module Four: Sexy School

This is the crash course Sex Ed you didn’t get in high school. I’ll cover the highlights of recent sex research, and give you lots of resources to check out on your own. This is for you if you remain solo, or enter the dating world.

What you get: you'll know what your sexuality means to you, what gets you lit up so you can experience your pleasure.

Module Five: Future Vision

Divorce often means change: a change in lifestyle, career, housing, relationships, parenting, income, retirement, location… dang near everything. Let's go through it and get you on the path to it.

What you get: a roadmap to set your goals and envision your beautiful future.

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Why you can no longer afford to put off creating a life where you feel happy and free:

  • You are ready to move past the shame, blame, and guilt
  • You want both financial and emotional stability
  • You crave deep, meaningful connections
  • You want to feel appreciated and worthy
  • You want to feel in control of your life
  • You want a good life with quality friendships
  • You desire a positive, healthy bond with your kids
  • You want to feel free to be yourself no matter what

What Have Other People Said?

"Working with Lindsay has given me the courage to grow into the empowered, authentic person I want to be.  Her down to earth and genuine presence gave me the safety I needed to heal and her ability to see my strengths allowed me to align with my truest self.  I’ll never look at my relationships the same, and now find myself having the kinds of connections and love life I have always desired."


"Lindsay is always so honest in her conversations around divorce: the good, the great and the not so great. And through it all, she remains optimistic and kind.

Lindsay’s forthcoming demeanor and no nonsense approach to mental wellbeing around divorce is so refreshing.

I’m so grateful for Lindsay’s optimistic and honest support as I navigate this challenging chapter."


BETA program

This is a Beta version of the Live Your Divorce™ Program. You get a significant discount to participate in the Beta launch. I've been developing and investing in this thing for actual YEARS (wild, huh?!) and you'll get access to it as long as I run the program. In exchange, I ask for your open feedback and testimonials throughout the process and when we conclude.

This means that while there are no refunds, I am totally committed to your success so I can serve more women like you in the future!


Connect and Support Bundle ($3000 value)

You're probably wondering how you will take on a course with everything else you have going on. The support, encouragement, and accountability of the Connect and Support Bundle will be there for you!

  • You get 3 months of access to my question and answer video calls (at least 2 per month). Submit questions ahead of time, attend in person, or watch the recordings later. 
  • You get access to the private discussion group for 3 months where you can connect with other women going through the program and get/receive support.

Bonus Resource: Survival Guide ($100+ value)

You get my special Survival Guide on what to do in the first weeks and months of your divorce. 

  • You get my exclusive practical divorce guide regarding finances, housing, legal issues, kids, career, and friends.
  • You get my super duper divorce warrior reading list. Kids and divorce, dealing with challenging relationships, growing yourself in maturity, how to handle boundaries, sex, relationships. 

Bonus Module: Parenting and Divorce ($400 value)

You get a bonus module where I share with you all my tips and tricks for folks parenting through a divorce and beyond.  

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Here's What You May Be Wondering

Hi. I'm Lindsay!

And I have been in your very same position. I've seen too many amazing women struggle to find their way after their divorce (whether they chose to end it or not!), only to arrive at my therapy office after they're totally burned out, anxious, depressed, and feeling very disconnected from themselves.

I have taken what I've learned in my office as a therapist, and in the real world as a married, divorced, and everything-in-between woman, and I've packed it all in to this course just for you. You'll get it all.

I am ready to help you on your journey from a Divorced and Disoriented Woman to a Dynamic and Focused Warrior.  I'm so glad you're here.

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